Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Hulk vs--Socrates?! MARVEL UK Original Comic Art! Ron Wilson!

Another look at the very different covers produced for overseas Marvel reprints! This time, it's the re-presenting of INCREDIBLE HULK # 226, from 1978! "Rampagin'" Ron Wilson took a swing at re-imagining the original Ernie Chan-produced cover (below, right), to whip up his own new and dramatic take (below, left) for this MIGHTY WORLD OF MARVEL UK cover! Due to the slightly odd-sized format, the English reprint line demanded newly formated cover art to be created, and up-and-coming artists pitched in with these oddball (and little-seen) assignments!  Click to enlarge!

And, yes, the Hulk does demolish a statue of Socrates in this tale!

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