Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1972 SPIDER-MAN #118 Original John Romita Sr. Cover Art! Marvel Comics!

What is this--John Romita Sr. week?! It's always "JRSR week" around here! Take a look below at the pulse-pounding and perfect original art by John, for the cover of 1972's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN # 118! Such action! Such drama! Spidey is up against the wall while facing down two dangerous (but decidedly low-rent) super-villains! Notice the artistic use of added white along the impact burst near Spidey! Johnny used white-out, along with a razor blade to "nick" white dots into the black background for such an astounding effect! It was covers like this that made the early 70s so memorable to comics fans! How could anybody pass by such an attention-grabbing comic without grabbing it up? Click to enlarge!

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