Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rare Dick Giordano BATMAN Original Art! Batgirl! Robin! DC Comics!

Next to nefarious Neal Adams, nobody captured the "creature of the night" mood of the Batman in the 70s and 80s like his main inker (and great penciller on his own, too), Dick Giordano! Dick not only helped define the look of Batman, by regularly inking Neal's terrific pencils, but also made his personal mark on the character by handling total art chores on many Batman comics, special projects, merchandise, collectibles, and posters, similar to the image below! It's rare to see Dick's version of the entire "Batman family" in one dynamic image, but this is one time he really lets loose! Here, in this 2007 commission for a noted comics fan, Dick depicted the moody and dramatic feel of the Bat-cast, all the while infusing a sense of fun and adventure! Click to enlarge!


The Batfan said...

Hey I think I recognize that Piece lol

Al Bigley said...

Thanks for letting me run this, and sharing it with other Bat-fans!