Friday, August 12, 2011

A New and Strange Costume for--METAMORPHO? 1966 DC Comics Craziness!

What's this? From a 1966 issue of BRAVE AND THE BOLD, spotlighting the then-new superhero METAMORPHO, we see the creators of the strip tinkered with the idea of giving the horrifying hero an odd costume and mask! Was it thought that the ol' Element Man was too grotesque in his "normal" guise, wrinkled, mismatched flesh and all? Was it because there was a short period of time where rascally Rex Mason (Meta's real name) was bandied about as subject for a TV series?!  We may never know, but luckily, the editors let Meta be himself (when he wasn't changing into the various elements as situations called for)! Great art by Ramona Fradon, tho, huh? Click to enlarge!

BONUS! Click below to enlarge this fabulous 1966 METAMORPHO subscription ad! What a deal!

BONUS! Click below to hear the fabulous METAMORPHO song, as released by Tifton Records in 1966, and later in 1976 by Power Records!

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RAB said...

"And here I thought I was in love with a beautiful, lazy, useless little rich girl!" Boy, what a sweet-talking devil.

(I say that, but the fact is Haney never gets quite enough credit for the playfulness in his dialogue. His "hip" speak could be outrageous and that's what people usually think of…but he also had an unbeatable feel for the way people banter and insult one another. There's more genuine warmth between Rex and Sapphire here than you'd get in a dozen pages of stilted, angsty declarations of undying love.)