Saturday, August 20, 2011

MORE Aurora Superhero Model Kit Mayhem! The Unseen ORIGINAL Batman Kit! Superboy Kit Ad! DC Comics!

Wow! More oddities and wonderment from the heady halcyon days of the astonishing Aurora model kit folks! Aurora not only manufactured well-regarded model kits of tanks, cars, and nature subjects, but also movie monsters, and, of course, superheroes! Click below to enlarge some rare ads, pics, and items from the Silver Age of comics and models!

Below, left: Original 1966 magazine ad for the Batman and Superboy kits!  Below, right: 1967 ad for the very rare WONDER WOMAN kit!


Below, left: 1965 Superman kit ad, as seen in many Warren "Monster mags!"  Below, right: 1967 ad, for the new Bat-vehicle additions to the kit line, that ran in many DC comic books!

Below, left: Rare 1967 "Riddler" model kit prototype, never manufactured, due to the fading of the mid-60s "Batmania" craze!  Below, right: Rare Batman kit painted prototype, with a shorter base! The heavy figure kit kept tipping over, forcing Aurora to lengthen the base in the final version!

Below: Adam ("Batman") West, at home in 1966, with a very familiar model kit perched on his work desk!

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