Friday, August 5, 2011

JUSTICE LEAGUE # 107! Original 1973 Cover Art! Batman! Freedom Fighters! DC Comics!

Another great cover from the Bronze Age of comics greatness! This is the cover to JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA # 107, by the incomparable Nick Cardy! This issue served to introduce yet another "DC Earth" alternate world saga, telling readers of the existence of a planet ("Earth X") that was still fighting World War Two! Hence, the JLAers (from both Earths One and Two) meet that dimension's Freedom Fighters, a group of WW2-era superheroes (once owned by the defunct Quality Comics publishers) fronted by Uncle Sam himself!! Confused? Imagine how regular readers felt! But, there's no confusion as to the energy and excitement of this fab 1973 cover art, so click to enlarge!

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