Thursday, August 11, 2011

1978 INCREDIBLE HULK TV Show Article and Rare Pics! Lou Ferrigno! Marvel!

Here it is! This is a rare (took me years to find on eBay) 1978 issue of US MAGAZINE, spotlighting THE INCREDIBLE HULK TV series! This is one of the most thorough "behind-the-scenes" articles ever done on the series and its stars (Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno)! Done during the heady first season of the show, just when it was catching on with both comic fans and the general public, it's fun to hear Bixby talk enthusiastically about the series, it's themes, and it's future direction! Some great pics of on-set clowning, too! Lou himself said this issue (their best-selling) helped push the circulation of struggling US MAGAZINE thru the roof, to the point that it still exists today! My own Mom spotted this ish while shopping at a local A&P in Laurinburg, NC, and I was thrilled to have her bring it home..Only the Stan Lee clipping (link below) survived the years, but here is the whole HULK article at last! I was a regular reader of the HULK comic book then, and still easily recall the issue that the writer opens the article describing (tho I'm sure I did not get that Bi-Beast joke at the time)! Click all to enlarge!

BONUS! This same issue contained a great Stan Lee article! Click here to read!

BONUS BONUS! Click below to glimpse amazing alternate pics for the above US mag cover!

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