Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1966 INCREDIBLE HULK Sweatshirt Original Art! Merry Marvel Marching Society!

OK. The title is a bit misleading. This is the re-drawn art (by the late Dave Stevens) for the 90s Graphitti Shirts re-release of this classic 1966 Incredible Hulk sweatshirt! Originally drawn in the 60s by Jack "King" Kirby, and offered thru fan clubs like M.M.M.S. and Marvelmania, it was great to see the shirt made available again to feverish and rabid fans three decades later! BOTH shirts are now highly sought-after by readers and Hulk collectors! Why the re-draw? It's possible the original art was lost, or there was no decent source for a high-quality scan to work from...Click images to enlarge!

Below, left: Pics of the original 1966 sweatshirt, including the "cute" rear image! Below, right: Actual 1966 Marvel Comics ad (with no less than Doc Doom, natch) for the senses-shattering sweatshirt!

Below: The BIG GLEE! blog-master himself, Al Bigley, models the 90s version of this sensational shirt!


lily b. said...

Do you know where i could buy one of those shirts?

Al Bigley said...

I know the original manufacturer, Graphitti, no longer makes them, but keep an eye on eBay and such!

Al Bigley