Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sensational SPIDER-MAN Sunday 70s Strip! Marvel Comics Mayhem!

Can Spidey ever hope to defeat the dangerous Dr. Octopus? In this 1977 SPIDER-MAN newspaper strip installment, he's still on the ropes in his mile-a-minute gamble against the not-so-good doctor! Sure, Doc's the Web-Slinger's most dangerous foe (how many other super-villains can toss a Volkswagon, for heaven's sake?), but Spidey's no slouch, either! Take special note of the stellar art! Great figure work, pacing, action, and backgrounds! Another rare look (only here!) at the full-color strips by Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr.! Click to enlarge!

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Captain Blog said...

Love this!
I remember trying to round up the other strips from family because we didn't have a subscription to the paper that carried it.
I made a book of cutouts that I still have.
If you are at next year's Con, I'll bring it and show you.
Thanks for the memories!