Thursday, July 28, 2011

Recalling the 1979 CBS-TV CAPTAIN AMERICA! Reb Brown! Marvel Comics!

Sure, last week was officially "Captain America" week here at the blog, but with ol' Cap tearing things up at the box office, and the recent cable re-running of the 1979 CAP TV films, let's take a moment to recall those very same much-anticipated (in my house, at least) CBS 70s tele-films! Sure, TV writers then took a boatload of liberties (get it?) with the comics properties then, but ya gotta admit, actor Reb Brown did a great job personifying the good Captain! Reb portrayed a more mellow and easy-going, post-Watergate 70s-kinda Cap, complete with TV-added Evel Knievel trappings, to boot! They even came very close to a spot-on rendition of the famous costume (at least by the 2nd installment)! Click to enlarge these rare images from the two 1979 CAPTAIN AMERICA TV movies, and keep 'em flyin'!

BONUS! Below are two French CAP posters, produced to hype the film in those overseas markets!

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