Friday, July 15, 2011

Nick Hammond as Spider-Man 1978! New STARLOG Article and Update! Marvel Comics!

Another great interview and article spotlighting actor Nick Hammond, and his late-70s star turn in CBS-TV's THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN series, as well as his time served in the beloved musical, SOUND OF MUSIC! Long before recent Spider-movies and re-boots, Nick was the live-action version of Spidey for a generation of fans, and it's great to know he still has nothing but great things to say about the character, his co-stars, stunt-man, and the famed show itself! This recent article even includes many rarely-seen pics and photos, so click to enlarge and keep your webs untangled, true believer!

BONUS! Want to hear Nick talk about his days as the wall-crawler? Just click here!

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Simon Williams said...

What an awesome article!! I loved this show as a kid, and Nicholas seems like a great guy. :o)