Monday, July 4, 2011

Marvel Comics' Unwritten "Bad Stories!" How Many Came True? 1983 MARVEL AGE Magazine!

Direct from the pages of early issues of MARVEL AGE, the company's own hype mag, here is an interesting article on the few forbidden Marvel stories that no writer would dare to commit to paper! Or would they?! How many of these creaky clunkers actually did appear in later Marvel comic tales in the ensuing years? I don't want to spoil things (or insert tons of "spoiler alerts") for any modern reader, so I'll leave that answer to you, frantic fans! Interesting to note that the now-rampant idea of "ret-conning" and tinkering with past origins and stories was already in full swing in '83! Good to know we didn't  have to worry about any tales involving clones returning in the SPIDER-MAN titles, huh? Click to enlarge!

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