Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jim Aparo and Curt Swan Draw--CAPTAIN AMERICA!? True! 2011 Marvel Comics!

Say it again! It's all true! Longtime DC Comics art greats Jim Aparo (AQUAMAN) and Curt Swan (SUPERMAN) have plied their own unique and distinct artistic hands to famed Marvel stalwart CAPTAIN AMERICA! Yes! As seen in the recent CAPTAIN AMERICA # 616 (arguably the ONLY modern Marvel title worth reading these last few decades), here are fan commissions of Cap, as seen thru the minds of these two Silver and Bronze Age titans! Odd to see this Marvel superhero depicted in a style we associate with the more staid DC crusaders, but it's all great! If you hurry and scurry, you may still be able to snag this landmark issue! Click to enlarge!

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M W Gallaher said...

Thanks for alerting me to this, Al. I never thought my complete collection of Aparo would include a Marvel comic from 2011.