Saturday, July 30, 2011

FOOMin' in the UK?! 1975 Marvel Fan Club Ad! Iron Man! Stan Lee!

Dig this nice-lookin' 1975 ad for the famous Marvel fan club outfit, FOOM (Friends Of Ol' Marvel)! Fans saw tons of FOOM ads in the mid-70s in Marvel mags aplenty! The difference? This ad appeared in the UK Marvel comic books in the land of Big Ben and tea and crumpets! The designer still managed to use "Jaunty" Jim Steranko's superhero graphics (from the 1973 FOOM give-away poster), as well as a swell image of IRON MAN, making this look much like its US counterpart ads! Looks like you got the same "goodies" in your subscription kit, also! Somehow, the Marvel magic as peddled by Stan Lee and the bashful Bullpen just didn't translate the same across the pond, but the 70s did see a plethora of Marvel titles published there for a good period, from reprints to new material! Click to enlarge!

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