Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tale of Two Covers! SPIDER-MAN # 81! John Romita Sr. Strikes Again! 1970 Marvel Comics!

Yow! Two titanic cover scenes for the now-classic SPIDER-MAN # 81?! TRUE! Take a look at the awesome 1970 original art (below left) by the incredible John Romita, Sr., as the less-than-great super-foe, the Kangaroo, comes savagely stomping into Spidey's life! Then, look below to see the original original art for the same issue! Stan musta decided readers needed to see Spidey's front, not his back, to make this sensational scene even MORE power-packed and attention-grabbing! Great to see after all these years! Click to enlarge!

Below: The Marvel maven himself, John Romita, Sr., in a recent pic!


Bruce said...

I love Romita's Spider-Man, and he had a knack for drawing a great cover.

So in the pre-Photoshop day, how exactly would an artist make a change like this to a cover that's already been drawn?

Mikey D. said...

I agree....we must always see starring character from a front view. They must always show their best side.

Al Bigley said...


Back then, it was as "easy" as simply cutting a new piece of paper in place over the area to be re-drawn, then drawing the new art on that!

Copious amounts of "paste-up" could be applied over the art, since a final stat (a very high-quailty copy) would be made for cover reproduction, and that didn't show white-out, additions, blue pencil, etc...

Thanks for the comment and the interest!

Al Bigley