Saturday, June 18, 2011

Spider-Man and Iron Man! MARVEL TEAM-UP # 72! Original 1978 John Byrne Cover Art!

Yet another biggie! Take a glom at this fantastic cover to MARVEL TEAM-UP # 72! Pencilled by John Byrne, with terrific inks by Bob Layton (soon to make his mark on the IRON MAN comic), this is a great example of dynamic comic art at it's finest! Notice the use of "shading film" (hand-applied black dots to create fields of "gray"), as well as the extra shades added in the colors! A very unusual effect for the day, before the advent of today's over-done computer coloring! From 1978, the days when any new Byrne art caused a fevered reaction from frenzied fans! Yep! That's Whiplash as the featured foe, later to be seen in the recent IRON MAN 2 movie! Click to enlarge!

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