Monday, June 27, 2011

The Final Score? SUPERMAN 4! Fans 0! Unseen 1987 Chris Reeve Movie Pics! DC Comics!

Most fans wisely avoid the film, SUPERMAN 4-THE QUEST FOR PEACE. The once great cinema series, that began with the sublime SUPERMAN-THE MOVIE in 1978, ended with a whimper with this unfortunate outing. The under-funded Cannon Films (home of many Chuck Norris 80s epics) grabbed the franchise then, and it certainly showed, with sad special effects, a pot-holed script, and phoned-in performances. It is always fun, tho, to glom any cut or little-seen bits from any comics film, and here are a few, thanks to this SUPERMAN 4 kid's picture book from 1987! You can also see a great deal of rare footage in most SUPERMAN 4 DVD and Blu Ray sets now on the market! Thanks to John Thompkins for this entry! Click images below to enlarge!

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