Friday, June 10, 2011

Behind the Scenes of the MARVEL UNIVERSE HANDBOOK! 1983 MARVEL AGE Article! Jim Shooter!

Wow! Direct from an early issue of MARVEL AGE (a promotional magazine spotlighting Marvel projects, creators, and staff), we get to go behind the curtain as the ground-breaking MARVEL UNIVERSE HANDBOOK is created in 1983! Ubiquitous now, this kind of handbook guide was new and trend-setting then, and here we get an insight into what was included, omitted, the kind of artwork used (and why), and more! It's interesting to note that Marvel included dry facts about their characters ("how much can Thor lift, how tall is Spider-Man"), while DC's similar handbooks were all about motivation, methods, and characterization! A real switch! Click images to enlarge!

Below: All the interlocking MU covers combined! Great mind-bending design by artist Ed Hannigan!

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