Friday, June 3, 2011

1976 SPIDER-MAN UK Comic Cover Original Art! Larry Lieber! Nightcrawler! Marvel Comics!

Another fabulous custom cover whipped up only for the Marvel maniacs dwelling in Great Britain! Drawn by liltin' Larry Lieber (Stan Lee's brother, no less), this is a dramatic re-imagining of the original cover of SPIDER-MAN # 161 (below, right), featuring an early appearance of Nightcrawler (from the "all-new" X-MEN comic)! Interesting to see how the artist used the smaller, now-horizontal space, yet still produced an arresting and exciting cover scene! See more of these UK gems here! Click images below to enlarge!


Robert said...

Hi, Albert.

Grew up with the old landscape SSMs as a kid and I've just written an article for BACK ISSUE on the subject.

Can I ask how you came across the original art? And, while I agree that the art is by Larry, who confirmed this for you?

Robert Menzies, Glasgow.

Al Bigley said...



It seems LL signed a few of these, even in the margins, for art collectors. But, I do NOT have official confirmation on such.

How about contacting Larry himself for confirmation?

The art comes from copies I trade with other collectors and such. I do NOT own the actual art!

Keep me posted!