Monday, May 2, 2011

SPIDER-MAN # 82! Original Comic Art! A Tale of Two Covers! 1970 John Romita Sr. Original Comic Art!

This one is sort of a mystery! Below is the awesome original art to the cover of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN # 82! However, the actual 1970 published issue sports an entirely different cover scene! Did editor/writer Stan Lee decide the reader didn't get the full idea that Spidey was facing off against Electro in front of a terrified live audience? Did he want more of a feeling of dizzying height, as in the final scene of the two fighting it out in the studio rafters? What's your opinion? The original cover did run, years later, as the front of the reprint of this issue, in 1975's MARVEL TALES # 63! Click images to enlarge!


Joe Jusko said...

NEVER understood why this cover didn't run. It was so much more eye-catching and totally in sync with all of John's other Spidey covers at that time.

Ferran Delgado said...

The original drawing was lost in transit, and recovered once the comic was published.