Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rare 1973 Neal Adams BATMAN Art! Puzzles! DC Comics Tabloids! Robin!

Wow! Take a gander at the pulsating pencils of Neal Adams once again! This time around, they're for this famous 1973 BATMAN puzzle scene, depicting the Caped Crusaders in action against a group of gruesome Gotham City terrorists! The same art was re-figured for use as the back cover of the classic BATMAN-DC LIMITED COLLECTOR'S EDITION, the oversized comic that helped to kick off the giant DC tabloid reprint comics line! You can even print this image out, cut as indicated, and make your OWN table-top diorama! A great blast from comic's Bronze Age past! Click all to enlarge!

BONUS! Look below to see how fan Mark Largent assembled and filmed this fabulous piece of Bat-history!

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