Saturday, May 7, 2011

Monkees! Early Nesmith Pics! Rare 1968 HEAD Article! HEADQUARTERS Pics! Davy Jones!

Another fabulous go-round with the Monkees! We start with two rare pics from Michael Nesmith's 1960 Texas high school yearbook! Great crew-cut, Mike! Then, we see the guys recording the HEADQUARTERS LP, in a great double-page picture spread from a UK magazine! A pic from the Far East 1968 tour follows, then a great newspaper article on the making of the live "Circle Sky" concert portion for the HEAD film! We then see a mid-90s trade ad for the great Cornerstone Monkees trading card set, and finally, two recent 2011 pics of Michael, officiating over a pal's wedding! Click each to enlarge!


Christopher said...

You know the Monkees, minus Mike Nesmith are touring again this year!!!

Al Bigley said...

Right you are! I have my tickets!

Al Bigley