Saturday, May 14, 2011

How Much SPIDEY SUPER STORIES Can Ya Stand? John Romita Sr.! Stan Lee! Marvel Comics!

How about this phantasmagoric photo, seen below left? That's right, it's Stan Lee and John Romita Sr., posing for a publicity pic around 1978 or so! They're looking over the original art for the cover to SPIDEY SUPER STORIES #5 (see below, right), then a few years old. 

Ready for more webbed wonderment? Dig the original art below of Spidey himself, as drawn by John Romita Sr.! This power-packed action image was used in conjunction with the SPIDER-MAN comic strip, but also as the cover for this SPIDEY Power Records LP, featuring not only stories of ol' Web-head, but also those of the famed ELECTRIC COMPANY cast! Click all images to enlarge, web-spinner!

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