Monday, May 23, 2011

BATMAN 1966 TV Show! 2011 "Where Are They Now" Article and Pics! Adam West and Burt Ward!

Do you ever lose massive amounts of sleep, staying up late, tossing and turning, as you ponder the fate of those two famous fellas who once portrayed the Dynamic Duo on the 1966 BATMAN ABC series? Well, worry no more! Below is an all-new GLOBE article about Adam West and Burt Ward, and all their recent riotous ramblings! Both men stay extremely busy, still involved in acting (West is the popular "Mayor West" on FAMILY GUY) and much charity work, as in Burt's care and activism for homeless dogs needing care (see my "Gentle Giants" link to the right to find out more)! Caped Crusaders, both! Click to enlarge!

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