Friday, May 20, 2011

1978 Stan Lee Marvel Comics Article and Rare Pics! Hulk! Doc Strange!

Another brain-blasting find! This is a wonderful 1978 article (from SUPER STAR HEROES magazine) spotlighting Stan Lee and his mighty Marvel Comics bullpen! Written during the late-70s Marvel boom, with the Hulk, Spidey, and others riding high on the live-action TV screen, this piece captures Stan in all his energetic glory, as he speaks about his comics, future plans, TV and movie ideas, and more! Interesting to see what came to fruition and what got left behind! Mags like this cropped up during this period, due to not only the new popularity of the comics heroes, but the massive interest in STAR WARS, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and TV and film SciFi in general! Click images to enlarge!

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