Wednesday, May 4, 2011

1975 Marvel Comics OUR WAY Sticker Sheets! Iron Man! Thor! Captain America!

Who else remembers these? The gang at Our Way Studios had already produced a wonderful sheet of the classic DC Comics characters, and, a few years later, came out with THIS gorgeous sheet of Marvel faves! In full color, and drawn by such Silver and Bronze Age greats as Jack Kirby, John Romita Sr., and Steve Ditko, this huge sheet could almost be displayed as a poster! Also below is the original comic book ad, and some later versions of the smaller sheets that were sold in stores a few years later! I had the one large sheet, and plastered the characters over lunchboxes, walls, book covers, and doors!  Tons of fun! Click all to enlarge!


Mitchell said...

Boy I sure do remember these. We had a play room above the garage at our house and one day my Mom surprised us by giving us sheets of these to plaster all over the walls.... Ah what a fun memory.

Al Bigley said...

I had ordered the DC ones, too, and can recall them arriving (after several unbearable WEEKS) in a huge rolled mailer..My Mom even let me plaster the large Batman sticker on our truck's front bumper!

Al Bigley

Anonymous said...

I had the Marvel ones and they were cool! I put the big ones on my wall in a circle with the Hulk in the middle.
Ah, the 70s what a great time for comics.

Peter Q.