Friday, April 29, 2011

Spider-Man! In Live-Action KUNG FU Action! 1978 CBS TV Article! Marvel Comics!

Another brain-blistering rare find! Here is the 1978 issue of INSIDE KUNG FU that features an astonishing article covering the filming of the live-action SPIDER-MAN CBS show! Go behind the scenes (for the filming of the "Deadly Dust" episode)with Emil Farkas, as he spills the secrets of making Spidey (and actor Nick Hammond) come out a web-spinning winner in every battle! Glom those rare pics of on-set hi-jinks! Drool over the appearance of ISIS herself, the beautiful JoAnna Cameron! What can you be waiting for? Click to enlarge and enjoy, Spidey fans! BONUS! Click here to hear a recent interview with SPIDER-MAN star himself, Nick Hammond!



Just got around to reading this post ... what a great find! eBay?

cease ill said...

What a fun comics memorabilia archive! Just enjoyed the past two months' posts! This was a neat find; how many times did I imitate this fighting style, these encounters, when I was a little boy?

Jose Cuadros said...

One of the best "interview/making of" from Spider-Man live Action. Thank you!