Wednesday, April 27, 2011

POWER MAN # 33! Original 1976 John Romita Sr. Comic Art! Luke Cage! Marvel Comics!

Terrific! The cover to POWER MAN # 33, featuring the peerless pencilling of Ron Wilson, and the indelible inking of "Jazzy" John Romita Sr.! From the sensational 70s, this cover depicts Luke Cage, matching strength and wits against yet another inner-city bad guy! Marvel broke new ground in this series, dealing with a superhero-for-hire who was more interested in defending his home turf than battling world-beating super-villains! From the collection of Dino Mauricio!  Click image to enlarge!


MK said...

That funky anatomy is surely Ron Wilson, isn't it? Romita may have inked it but it doesn't look like his pencils.

Ah, if only covers today had a touch of that Wilson/Buckler/Kane magic from the seventies.....

Al Bigley said...

Good eye!

Marvel's online database says it was pencilled by Ron!


Al Bigley