Wednesday, April 20, 2011

INCREDIBLE HULK # 202! Original 1976 John Romita Sr. Cover Art! Jarella Returns! Marvel Comics!

Are there any examples of bad John Romita Sr. original art? The answer? No. Here is the flawless and fantastic cover to HULK # 202, from 1976! From part of a well-recalled HULK run, with interior art by Sal Buscema, featuring so many twists and turns in the life of Jade-Jaws, you almost needed a checklist to keep it straight! Lots of fun, with the Hulk re-visiting Jarella's microscopic world, bringing her to our world (with somewhat tragic results), run-ins with old foes, Doc Banner settling down (for a short time) in a new civilian role and meeting a new supporting cast, and so much more! Click images to enlarge!


Johnny S. said...

Hi Al,

According to volume 7A of The Marvel Comics Index, the Grand Comics Database and (most importantly) ME, this cover was penciled by John Buscema. In spite of a very strong inking job by Romita (on vellum, from the look of it), you can still see evidence of Big John's style coming though. For example, check out The Hulk's right foot. That's a Buscema foot for sure!

In any event, it is an absolutely INCREDIBLE cover and I fondly remember buying this run of Hulk comics when they first hit the stands!

Al Bigley said...


Thanks for the note!

I'm still not convinced…Some say it's Rich Buckler pencils, JRSR inks….You say it's big John Buscema….

I just can't tell!

Al Bigley