Saturday, April 2, 2011

Earl Norem FANTASTIC FOUR Painted Original Comic Art! Human Torch! Marvel Comics!

I've always loved painted magazine and comics art. In the 60s and 70s, tho, it was a very rare treat to see a painted cover depicting characters normally seen via pen-and-ink 2-D rendering. Aside from the occasional paperback cover, the only place to see such art would be on Marvel's ubiquitous (in the 70s) magazine line, with such titles as SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN, RAMPAGING HULK, and the like. This terrific painted cover by artist Earl Norem is an example from a 1984 children's storybook, based on the FANTASTIC FOUR! Earl had already done many paintings for the above-mentioned magazines, but on this (and an accompanying SPIDER-MAN book), he really got to strut his stuff with not only covers, but fabulous double-page interior spreads! Below is not only the actual cover to the storybok (right), but Earl's original sketch for the illustration (left)! Wonderful to see the FF depicted in realistic tones! Click to enlarge and enjoy!


Cameo Angel said...

Love the old comic book super heroes and heroins (female heroes). Takes me back to pleasant childhood memories and super fantasies.

Richard Bensam said...

The interior of this book is stunning -- the team of Marie Severin and Earl Norem has an amazing synergy. Any fan of either one should have a look at how well they worked in collaboration!