Monday, April 4, 2011

AMAZING ADVENTURES 9! Original 1970 Marvel Comics Art! Magneto vs Inhumans!

Another fab cover from Marvel's early 70s "Phase Two" period! Here is the original art to the front of AMAZING ADVENTURES #9! Drawn by "Big" John Buscema (inks by Joe Sinnott), this scene depicts long-time X-MEN foe, Magneto, in action against the uncanny Inhumans, frequent guest-stars from the FANTASTIC FOUR comic! The insides are a bit strange, too, as they're drawn by Mike Sekowsky, during a short art stint at Marvel! Mike was best known as a loooong-time artist on DC Comics' JUSTICE LEAGUE book, and to see him ply his trade using the "Marvel method" of comic art is a bit odd, but very interesting! Note the subtle changes between the original and final printed version! Click image to enlarge!

Above: Note the different cover copy on the original art. Marvel must
have readied the title to briefly become one of their large "25 cent"
books (at a time regular-sized comics were priced at 20 cents), an
experiment tried in 1972, in order to force rival DC Comics to
hike their prices!

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Obviously, the Yellow Claw and Venus stories would have been reprints in the expanded page count for the 25 cents package ...! Thanks for posting!