Tuesday, April 5, 2011

1962 BATMAN ANNUAL! A Kinder, Gentler Two-Face?! DC Comics!

Take in this cover to 1962's BATMAN ANNUAL #3. It seems like your typical DC Comics cover of the day, advertising the many classic tales reprinted inside. But, if you look closer, you can spy the odd cosmetic job DC gave the evil Bat-foe, Two-face! Editors must have been very concerned that such a graphically shocking image would scare away kids (or parents buying said issue for them), so they grabbed an interior image, but toned down the many crags, pits, sags, and boils from ol' Harvey Dent's half-destroyed mug! Wow! No such worry about today's cover art! Click to enlarge!


Thwacko said...

I remember reading about this somewhere. The original story was published pre-code, and the reprint post-code. There were other changes to the story, too. Maybe in Comics Legends Revealed?

Al Bigley said...

I actually sent this to the "Comic Coverage" blog, years ago, before I had my own blog!