Sunday, March 6, 2011

THOR #237! Original 1975 Gil Kane Cover Art! Ulik Attacks! Marvel Comics!

A chance for further study of the work of a comic art master, Gil Kane! Here we see Gil's amazing cover art for THOR #237, from 1975! Gil's art always dealt with the human figure in frantic action-oriented motion, and no other artist better captured the tensioned, twisting, sinewy form than Gil Kane! In the 70s, Marvel Comics tapped him to be their new go-to cover artist, creating not only superhero covers, but those for westerns, romance, horror, and supernatural titles, too! It's clear to see why! This cover appears to have some inking touch-ups by John Romita Sr., and the originally pasted-on word balloons have slipped away! Click image to enlarge!

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