Sunday, March 27, 2011

Supergirl's Sexy 70s Costume Cut-Ups! 1970 DC Comics!

Most fans don't recall that in the early 70s, DC Comics toyed with the idea of changing Supergirl's iconic red-and-blue costume, during her odd run in ADVENTURE COMICS (How odd? Check the panels below, where Supergirl manifests sudden mental telepathy and mind-reading powers)! But, DC being a very conservative firm then, the final changes were very modest, consisting of added "hot pants," a more blouse-y tunic, and a small change in her footwear. But, for a few months, DC allowed readers to send in, and in some cases, see, their new costume designs used in the book, as Supergirl wore a variety of new outfits! Some of these designs were a bit--er--unfortunate, reveling in the excesses of early 70s sartorial silliness, but what do you expect, with the Maid of Steel taking fashion advice from a newly re-designed Wonder Woman (below)? It was all in good fun, and a bit of a thrill to see the classic outfit changed in any way! Click images to enlarge!

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