Friday, March 11, 2011

SUPERBOY 1965 Aurora Model Kit Re-Issue! 2010 Moebius Kit! DC Comics!

Here is my completed SUPERBOY Moebius model kit re-issue! It's a re-casting, of course, of the famed 1965 Aurora kit, complete with perfect molding and fit, just like the original! 

To start, I decided to sand away the sculpted-on "S" insignias (not quite "on model" here), preferring to make my own stickers for the emblems as seen on the capes and tunic. 

I also heavily detailed the base, adding grit and texture, areas of lighter and darker ground, then later adding real pebbles and rocks to the surface.

Then some sanding of seams, filling gaps, and assembling could take place! Later, after painting the kit, paying attention to gloss areas (Superboys' hair, boots, belt, Krypto's collar), and matte areas (base, capes, outfit, etc), I then hand-detailed the faces on both Superboy/Superdog. 

I also gave the "dragon" some nice overcoats of glossy greens (some metallic spray paints were used), with some lighter top sprays, and darker undercoats...

You can click here to read about the 70s Aurora "Comic Scenes" issue of this fabulous kit! A great and fun model and a real blast from the past! Click images to enlarge!

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