Monday, March 14, 2011

The Strange Spanish SPIDER-MAN Record Album! Power Records! Marvel Comics!

We all know that the folks at Peter Pan Industries, calling themselves "Power Records," released many kid-oriented LPs and 45s featuring the Marvel and DC Comics stalwarts, such as Superman, Hulk, Batman, and even Conan!  But imagine my surprise when I came across this rare little gem. Produced late in the PR game (1981), this is no mere "across-the-border" release of the US version of one of the earlier SPIDER-MAN LPs. No, this 12-inch disc seems to feature all-new exclusive audio adventures of Spidey, performed in Spanish! A friend roughly translated the cover titles as, " Never Use A Scorpion, Sands of Crime, The Vulture's Challenge, and Trapped by Jameson!" I wonder if these were adaptations of early 60s Spidey comics adventures, since many of the themes fit that time-table. You can read more about Power Records here! Click images below to enlarge!

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