Saturday, March 5, 2011

SHAZAM! Unpublished 1976 Cover Rough! Ernie Chan! DC Comics Salutes the Bicentennial!

Wow! A great unpublished rough sketch for Ernie Chan's cover to SHAZAM! # 27! Drawn in 1976, while the CBS-TV SHAZAM! live-action show was still riding high on the Saturday morning tube, this powerful image shows the artist's thinking, as well as the evolution of a terrific cover scene of Captain Marvel in blazing action! It also ties into that year's endless fascination with the Bicentennial celebration! Note the touch-ups on the figures by Kurt Schaffenberger, bringing the faces more "on-model" to the original 40s look of the strip!  A fabulous find! Click to enlarge image!


Colin Smith said...

Thank you for posting this. There's such beguiling a mix of nostalgia and unfamiliarity in seeing the prep work for comicbook covers which I associate with my own youth.

Captain Blog said...

As a collector of Bicentennial covers, this makes me a bit sad.