Thursday, March 17, 2011

A New Look for Robin? 1975 BATMAN FAMILY Feature! DC Comics!

I always loved these rare fan-art features from DC Comics! Appearing in the books in the mid-70s, these "New Look for Robin" spots ran in the BATMAN FAMILY comic, and featured some terrific (and not so hot) reader ideas for a new outfit for the Teen Wonder! Other comic books ran similar features, but usually girl-oriented fashion-themed books, so this was a truly interesting treat for superhero fans! DC was so much more conservative than competitor Marvel then, so any real change to the famous Robin costume was not going to happen then (just wait until the 90s), but it was still fun imagining the character leaving his "short pants" look behind. If you look closely at this NLFR installment, you can see that future BATMAN comics artist Norm Breyfogle had his entry published! Click images to enlarge!

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