Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Monkees! 2011 Tour Update! Hear "All About Micky Dolenz!"

Hey Hey! A recent article on the new (and already successful) 2011 Monkees tour, plus a handful of older pics! Mike and Peter jam with Jimi Hendrix in '67! PLUS! Hear the super-rare audio from the 1967 flexi-disc that came packaged with the Hasbro Micky Dolenz "Show Biz babies" doll! Click here to listen to past Monkees "Show Biz babies" flexi-discs! Click images below to enlarge and to listen!

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Rick said...

Interesting stuff. Wish I could see them when they come to my area. But I just got back to work after being laidoff for almost a year so I can't afford the price for 2 concert tickets.