Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Many Faces of SPIDER-MAN #113! John Romita Sr.! Marvel Comics!

You read right. Here are not one, but two cover versions for the iconic front of SPIDER-MAN # 113! Both drawn in 1972 by the fabulous John Romita Sr., the version of the left shows his early inked cover, before JRSR's gray wash effects were added (below right)! Both are beyond perfect! It was unusual then for a comic cover to feature painterly or special effects, with the fairly primitive printing methods (as compared to today's computer-aided efforts) of the time, and covers like this really stood out and grabbed reader attention! Even the composition and basic idea are wild and imaginative on this ground-breaking "Spidey vs Dr. Octopus" cover image! Amazing all around! BONUS! I've included a fantastic fourth version of this cover, from it's reprinting in 1978's MARVEL TALES #92! Click to enlarge!

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