Sunday, March 20, 2011

The INVADERS! Original 1975 Cover Art! John Romita Sr.! Marvel Comics!

It simply does not get any better than this, faithful one! Here is the pulse-pounding cover to 1975's INVADERS #1! All of the greatest Marvel superheroes of World War Two were gathered for one incredible cover scene, to herald the start of this long-running series, one of the first to "ret-con" new tales into the past continuity from the "Golden Age" of comics! Drawn by (who else?) comics master John Romita Sr., this is a perfect example of what made Marvel the number one comics publisher in the 70s, with it's great staging, action, and drama! FUN FACT: Romita began his comic career drawing CAPTAIN AMERICA comics in the 1950s, during Cap's short-lived revival! Can you spot the slight changes to the cover between finished art and publication? Click image below to enlarge!

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Bob Almond said...

Added planes and moved planes in the background, removed propellers, enlarged the cover logo, and shifted the swastikas. Why? Why not