Thursday, March 24, 2011

FANTASTIC FOUR! MARVEL TREASURY EDITION Cover! The Evolution of a Jack Kirby Masterpiece!

As most fans know, master artist Jack "King" Kirby returned to Marvel Comics (after a 4-year stint at DC Comics), and surprised many by working on only a handful of his old titles, such as CAPTAIN AMERICA. Instead, Jack wasted no time in starting his own trail-blazing titles, such as ETERNALS, DEVIL DINOSAUR, and others. Jack did, however, pencil many covers featuring the older Marvel stalwarts, turning in cover scenes for such diverse titles as DAREDEVIL, IRON MAN, and even SPIDEY SUPER STORIES! Here is his pulse-pounding work for the back cover of the 1976 MARVEL TREASURY EDITION #11, spotlighting his co-creation,the Fantastic Four! Click below to enlarge the image, showing the actual cover, the inked version (with some John Romita Sr. touch-ups,) and even Jack's first pencil rough! Face front!

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