Wednesday, March 9, 2011

DAREDEVIL 80! 1971 Gil Kane Original Comic Art! Marvel Comics!

More powerful art from comics superstar, Gil Kane! This cover art to DAREDEVIL #80 showcases the Man Without Fear in typical amazing Kane perfection, with figures twisting, contorting, and, most importantly, engaging the (potential) reader's interest! Daredevil has never seemed more imposing and ready for action than in this 1971 cover art scene, as he rushes to action against old-time foe, the Owl! Another Bronze Age block-buster! Click to enlarge!


Bob Almond said...

Inked by Frank Giacoia.

Bennett said...

wow.. I have this one. I got it as a birthday gift of 5 comics when I turned 6. it was my first comic collection ever and it hasn't stopped. I got Captain America, the one where he's haunted by Bucky's ghost, X-men, where Alex Summers discovers he has powers and fights the Pharaoh, a Silver Surfer, and I think an Iron Man.