Tuesday, March 22, 2011

BATMAN 1966 TV Show! A Day in the LIFE of Adam West! Joker Meets-- Jerry Lewis?!

More terrific tidbits from the famed 1966 BATMAN ABC-TV show! First up: a great pic from the '66 LIFE magazine photo session! In fact, this is the cover shot itself! Next: a fab candid on-set pic, from '66, of Adam West (Batman), and Cesar Romero (Joker) with comedian Jerry Lewis (there filming his "pop from the window as Batman scales by") guest cameo, as they all greet eager fans! Plus: a new Burt Ward (Robin) update, on his great work rescuing, and caring for, big dogs of all kinds! Learn more about his heroic efforts here! Click each to enlarge, Bat-fan!

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