Friday, March 25, 2011

At Long Last! The Origin Of Nick Fury's Eye-Patch! Marvel Comics!

Most newcomers to the Marvel Comics universe know Nick Fury only thru his portrayals by Samuel L. Jackson in films like IRON MAN. Long-time comic fans, tho, know Nick from his first appearances in the early 60s, in such titles as STRANGE TALES (his modern adventures as head honcho of SHIELD), and SGT. FURY, detailing his World War Two tales! It was in FURY #27, from 1966, that fans finally learned how Nick lost use of his left eye, in a torrid tale drawn by "Darlin'" Dick Ayers! Click below to enlarge these pulse-pounding panels that reveal how the future super-spy earned his famous eye-patch! BONUS: Pics of both David Hasselhoff (true!) and Jackson in their film turns as Fury!

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