Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN AMERICA! 1991 Original Color Art! Marvel Comics!

Talk about an oddball (but very interesting) piece of original comic art! Here is a page of color overlay art for the first issue of the 1991 mini-series, THE ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN AMERICA! Colored over a b/w stat of the magnificent Kevin Maguire art, here is colorist Paul Mounts' amazing airbrushed work (below, right) in full detail! Created just before the dawn of the computer-coloring age, this is a great opportunity to study the detail, precision, and intricacy of this kind of craft! Paul continues to be one of comic's most meticulous colorists today! Click image to enlarge!

BONUS! Below left: the original cover to this amazing mini-series! Below right: the rare (and gigantic) comic shop bas-relief display that hyped this CAP mini-series, with custom Kevin Maguire art! Click each to enlarge!

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