Monday, March 28, 2011

1978 Stan Lee's Soapbox! Marvel Comics' BULLPEN BULLETINS! Hulk!

Take a gander at this 1978 entry of Stan Lee's SOAPBOX monthly column. Stan talks about the Marvel characters, and their then-recent take-over of television. Spider-Man, Hulk, and, to a much lesser extent, Captain America and Dr. Strange, all had live-action TV outings that year (or soon after). Planned, but never screened, were Human Torch and Sub-Mariner pilots. Note how, in those days, the shadow of the 1966 BATMAN TV show was still being cast, as Stan defends the "straight" nature of these new small screen shows, which, despite other failings, did stay away from the camp approach. Even the concurrent WONDER WOMAN show still played things fairly campy in their attitude. Also contrast this to the wave of Marvel movies we're enjoying today, against these 70s programs, and revel in how much comic-centric stuff they can jam in, even to the point of the films (like the comics themselves) resulting in a cross-over event, with the upcoming AVENGERS movie! How far things have come. But, as Stan would say, for good or ill? Click images below to enlarge!

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john said...

thanks for posting. this brings back a lot of memories. my favorite soapbox was found in invaders (original series) #23 where stan announced universal studios was filming a made for tv movie for cbs of namor the sub-mariner (plus several other marvels).