Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The SPECTRE Interviews--Neal Adams?! 1967 DC Comics Silver Age Gold!

You hear right! Here's a fun page from a 1967 issue of THE SPECTRE, where the Astral Avenger interviews his new artist--Neal Adams! As a rare(at the time) glimpse into one of the creators of comic books, this must have been a real surprise to superhero and Adams fans! We also get a custom piece of artwork as the masthead of this text page (included, like letters pages, so that comics could get certain low-cost mailing rates for subscriptions)! Adams would very soon be known as the artist who re-vitalized Batman, returning him (with writer Denny O'Neil) to his darker, original roots! Click to enlarge!

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Mike P said...

Thanks for posting, Al-there's so much fun stuff in those older books that doesn't get reprinted. And it saves us from having to dig thru boxes! LOL

I only hope you didn't have to damage the book to scan it... :-)

Mike Pascale