Wednesday, February 9, 2011

SHAZAM! Neal Adams 1976 Original Calendar Art! DC Comics!

What? Another great piece of art by Neal Adams? Is there any other kind? Here is his fabulous 1976 illo of SHAZAM's Captain Marvel, and his young alter ego, Billy Batson! This exciting piece was used originally used in the 1976 DC SUPER  CALENDAR, but also ended up being used on stamps, on shirts, and pajamas in the mid-70s! A powerful piece by a comic art form master! Click to enlarge!


Richard Bensam said...

Always liked this one. One thing people often overlook about Adams is how skilled he was at fitting in -- I mean, a drawing like this looks absolutely like the character as seen in a C.C. Beck drawing, but at the same time it also still looks like Neal Adams. It's on model without losing his own style. He did the same thing with Kirby characters: they'd look faithful to Kirby but also unmistakably his own.

Al Bigley said...


Would love to see a new book of Neal's art, with him commissioned to drawn, say, ONLY Kirby's characters! Or ONLY Marvel's! Or....

Al Bigley