Thursday, February 3, 2011

Monkees! Davy Jones vs Peter Tork in 2001?! Hear "All About Peter Tork" in Rare 1967 Audio!

Can it be true? From this 2001 story from the ENQUIRER, we learn that the level of tension between band-mates Davy Jones and Peter Tork was so high that it caused them to abandon their successful reunion tour! It's common for this kinda friction to occur in younger bands, but can't these guys (first formed in 1965) ever get along?! ALSO: Recall happier times as you hear the rare 1967 Gary Stevens-helmed "all about Peter Tork" flexi-disc record that came packaged with the Peter "Show-Biz Babies" doll from Hasbro! Hear the "Mike Nesmith" flexi-disc here! Click images below to enlarge, and audio link to hear!

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